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I want to thank you for recommending Dampp-Chaser.  My 40 year old Steinway was showing the effects of age and carelessness from a previous owner.  Despite the wonderful tuning performed by Ken, the piano was not holding a tune after 2 weeks.  Ken repaired the cracks in the sound board and replaced a few strings.  I was getting frustrated with, what seemed futile attempts, of ever achieving a quality sound.  Then he suggested a humidifier as the piano is next to a heating vent.  Wow!  What a difference!  The humidifier has extended the need for constant tuning and has improved the overall quality of the sound.

Ashley Morin, R.D.H








A Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser Corp. keeps your piano on pitch and prevents damage from environmental effects, allowing optimum tonal quality and keyboard control.

Piano technicians and the major piano manufacturers recommend installing the Piano Life Saver System to protect your piano, improve keyboard control, and maintain tuning stability. The System Humidistat keeps humidity levels consistent by activating the piano Dehumidifier during highly humid conditions and when the environment gets too dry, the System Humidifier replaces moisture inside the piano.

Protect your piano's investment value by having our piano climate control System installed, out of sight, inside your piano to combat dry and highly humid conditions that can cause costly damage. The System is truly a piano lifesaver and must be installed by a professional piano technician to activate the warranty.

The Pianosmith is an authorized dealer of Dampp-chaser systems and is equipped to install one on your piano. Improve your piano's lifespan and performance and install a Dampp-Chaser!

How it Works

The Dampp-Chaser humidifying system uses a cycling action to keep your piano at a constant state of perfect moisture.The Humidistat is calibrated to create an independent climate inside the piano, regardless of external conditions. It senses dryness or wetness in the wood of the soundboard and correspondingly turns on the humidifier and dehumidifier to maintain optimal conditions.